7:50-8:15 Breakfast/Math Facts
8:15-9:10 Math
9:10-10:15 Language and Writing
10:15-11:15 Intervention
11:15-11:35 Lunch
12:05-12:20 Reading Mini-lesson
12:20-1:15 Literacy Groups
1:15-1:45 Science
1:45-2:10 Word Study
2:10-3:00 Pull-Outs
3:02 Dismissal (Early Bus)
3:05 Dismissal
(Walkers, Daycare,
Parent Walk-up)
3:10 Dismissal (Car Riders, Late Bus, and Boys and Girls Club)


Fourth grade is a memorable year full of fun experiences and lots of learning. Every fourth-grader gets a teacher mentor to help them plan for their future. This mentorship gets students thinking about their future careers. We offer engaging enrichment classes to broaden student’s thinking. It’s a year when students get to go deeper into independent learning.


Grandparent’s Day: This is a special day where grandparents are invited into our classrooms to visit and explore the world of fourth grade.

Christmas Around the World: Every year we have a big Christmas Around the World unit. We study different countries and their traditions within our four classrooms. At the end of the study, we have a celebration and travel from country to country.

Tour of UE5G: Before entering fifth grade, our students get to visit UE5G to get their jitters out and experience a day in fifth grade.

Track Meet: This day is a fun-filled day where students at our school get to compete against the other elementary schools in our district.

Graduation Party: A surprise graduation party for the students is full of fun and enjoyment.

Graduation: This is a day to remember how amazing each child has done over the year. Students are presented with graduation certificates and a special ceremony.