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We love Book Bingo Night!

We love Book Bingo Night!


Oakland Heights is an amazing place for children. The diversity of our population gives children opportunities to learn about other cultures, traditions and languages throughout the world. Our staff genuinely cares not only about the academic needs of each child, but the emotional and physical needs as well. Oakland Heights has a strong family culture. We take pride in our students feeling safe and loved at Oakland Heights and our families feeling that they are supported and cared for throughout their years in elementary school.

Once students enter our school, there are many fun and memorable events in which students can participate. Second, third and fourth grade students can participate in our STEPS Dance Program. STEPS teaches tap, jazz, and ballet after school to OHE students. Students even have a recital at the end of the year.

Oakland Heights offers students some incredible opportunities to participate in classes that begin to spark specialized interests. Students have art, P.E., science lab, library and music once a week. During this time, students participate in hands-on activities that teach foundational skills in these specialty areas that open doors for students later in their educational career. 

Oakland has a growing population. In the past five years, it has had two major additions to its building. In the spring of 2017, we opened a new wing that houses kindergarten classrooms and both music and art.  We are so excited to know that our students have some of the best facilities in the district at Oakland Heights.