Literacy instruction at Oakland Heights is based on strong research about how children learn to read. The base of our literacy instruction is focused around small group instruction that teaches students strategies and problem-solving skills to help them read and write accurately and efficiently in order to meet grade level standards established by the state of Arkansas. One of the primary tools teachers use in their instruction is the Journeys curriculum. This curriculum provides teachers and students with lessons that are interesting to students, resources that enhance instruction and a curriculum that ensures standards are taught using effective strategies.

Literacy topics covered daily in classrooms include reading, writing, language (grammar) and spelling (phonics). Handwriting and cursive are also taught and reinforced throughout the elementary grades. Students use materials including Journeys text, literacy books, technology, and manipulatives in reading centers and small groups.  Through small group, large group, independent and teacher supported activities, students have a rich experience in literacy that prepares them for upper elementary reading.