Second grade math group.

First grade measuring.

Kindergarten 100 day math.


Math instruction at Oakland is taught through Eureka Math. This math program closely aligns with rigorous Arkansas standards. It also teaches problem-solving strategies that allow students to not only master the content at their grade level but to internalize strategies that will help them continue to grow as mathematicians as they move through their academic career. The lessons are based on the belief that students must not only know HOW to solve a math problem but must understand WHY the solution worked. An excellent math resource for parents and students to view Eureka Math lessons is This resource models math concepts in the same way they are taught in the classroom.

Fact fluency is also an important math concept that is emphasized at Oakland Heights. We still strongly believe that automatically knowing addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts will have a positive impact on the success of our students in math. We set quarterly goals in fluency for students in first through fourth-grades. In addition, students practice weekly on math facts either on paper, with flash cards, or using technology.