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Sharon Bell

Fun with instruments!

Fun with instruments!

Musical Performance!


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At the elementary level, our goal is to teach children to be “tuneful, beatful, and artful”. A tuneful person can sing a song in tune with others, such as singing patriotic and celebration songs. A beatful person can clap along to the beat with others during a concert or sports event. An artful person appreciates the beauty, expression, and emotion of music. They seek out musical experiences because it enriches their lives and brings joy and happiness. Oakland students learn to be tuneful, beatful, and artful in a variety of ways. They learn basic music skills such as singing in-tune, keeping a steady beat, and reading and writing music. Our students also get to experience playing classroom rhythm instruments such as drums and tambourines and keyboard instruments like xylophones.


Musicals: Second grade performs the spring musical each year. Third grade performs the winter musical each December.

Third and Fourth Grade Honor Choir: The choir performs at various functions during the year.

Talent Show: Third and fourth grades have a talent show in May.

Composer Studies: Each month students learn about a composer and experience listening to some of the great music throughout history.

Recorders: Our fourth-graders spend several months each year learning to play the recorder. The students learn a wide variety of songs of different styles representing different cultures.