Our team of third grade teachers plan and work closely together.  We all use the Dojo point system for behavior, we give an opportunity for a reward recess on Fridays, and we use Go Noodle for brain activity.  We use laptops and iPads for various activities. We all try to maintain a positive environment while teaching responsibility in order for our kids to be successful.


District Kickball Tournament: All third grade students in the district get together and have a kickball tournament. The P.E. teachers get together and make a schedule to play at least four games. We play at the Hickey Park ball fields.

Thanksgiving Feast: We have had this tradition going on 14 years. Each third grade class makes part of the Thanksgiving meal and we provide the meat. We have turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob, rolls, dressing, and dessert. Classes make costumes to be “Indians” and “Pilgrims” and then we mix the kids up so that the Indians get to eat with the Pilgrims!

Christmas Musical: The Christmas musical is always a fun time! The theme is always Christmas or winter time.

Christmas Party: For our Christmas party, the third grade has a rotation throughout the morning. Each class has its own activity, which includes crafts, games, songs, and making cards. In the afternoon, we are all back in our own classrooms where we eat and open presents.

Valentine’s Party: For our Valentine’s party, we have a grade level ice cream sundae social. We set up ice cream with all the toppings in the hallway and all the third-graders get to come by and create their own sundae! Then we meet back in our own classroom for more snacks and exchange Valentines.

Enrichment Units: For an hour each day we have enrichment. This is an added component of our regular curriculum. Some of the units we teach during enrichment include Survival Skills, Research, Underground Railroad, Politics, Maps, Christmas Cultures, Finances, etc.